7 Baby chicks for sale Panama City FL


11 Years
Jun 27, 2008
Jacksonville, FL
I have 7 baby chicks for sale In the Bayou George Area of Panama City.

They range in age from 1-2 weeks old.

6 White leghorn/ Americauna Mix
1 Black sexlink/ Americauna Mix
These will be excellent layers for spring. Some will lay shades of green, some will be white . The black sexlink/ Americauna's eggs will be brown or a shade of green.

I will take $2 ea for these.

Have more hatching all the time,
Will have some
RIR- Red star
RIR- Black Austrolorp
RIR- SL wyndott
RIR- Americauna

Hatching on the 12th. Let me know if you want to reserve any. Putting a dozen more of those in the Incubator tomorrow.
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