7 Cute Silkie Bantam Roosters For Sell!!!!!

Silkie Chicken

King Silkie
7 Years
Feb 22, 2012
I have 7 silkie bantams for sale all very beautiful birds and are around 7 months old. A couple of the roosters are crowing. The colors I have for sale are Blue, Buff, Black, and White. There is a pic of each silkie for sale above, so If you want one pm me the number of the pic so I will kn ow which chicken you want. All the silkies are very friendly, and are very funny to watch in the yard. They love to eat treats and fresh veg. I will ship anywhere in the United States. If you are interested in buying for one silkie it is $5.00. In the last pic the chicken has crooked beak, so he is free to a good home. If interested or have any questions please PM me or post below.
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Here are the other pic of the silkies that would not post in the 1st post

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Pic 7 is held for ericchris. Anyone else fill free to buy I really think someone would like the white rooster he is a very nice rooster and very funny to watch!!!!
hmm well that is what I have been to find out for someone but I will ask my post master tomorrow and what silkie would you be interested in? They are not named because since they are for sale i thought maybe the new owner would want to name it.
If you can ship, and it is not unreasonable, I will take all females that you have left, including the crooked beaked one. We have a 20-40 ft run that I just finished, and we would just love to add to our existent flock with some silkie girls. Thank you.

I do not have any silkie girls and the crooked beak is on hold but the white rooster in the pics is one of my favorite he is very nice.

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