7 days old chicks...


5 Years
Dec 6, 2015
When will it be appropriate to put Oxine in the water to protect them from virus? Or not at all?

Once a week is good?

I've had some chicks before and they get fowl pox but not sure if from mosquitos or from the air.


I wouldn't use it. Good hygiene and keeping stress low is better, as well as allowing chicks to slowly develop immunity to various pathogens. If you keep everything sterile than when they encounter stuff it will overwhelm their immune system. Best to but a healthy immune system that try to protect it.

Fowl pox is transmitted by mosquitoes, so changing waters often and eliminating standing water will keep the risk lower. Once a bird has fowl pox it will develop an immunity to it.

I am using the oxine now but just to clean everything, I change water daily since they are small and in bottles, then I created a bucket with a Little Giant Automatic Game Bird Fount Waterer, and will have a cover and will change it one every two days.

I do not have standing water but mosquitos come from neighbors sometimes, so I am using Permethrin 10% to spray around the place where I have the chicks.!

Thanks for your help,


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