7 days worth of eggs. We are pleased.

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by RichnSteph, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. RichnSteph

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Adkins Texas
    The picture below represents the eggs we've gotten in the last 7 days from 10 laying hens and one duck (the darn duck is the most consistent). What you don't see in the picture are the 6 eggs that we've already boiled for my 20 month old daughter to eat or the 15 that we sent to the incubator. So grand total is 62 (if my math is any good) eggs in 7 days from 11 laying birds. Heaven help us when the 7 new two month old hens are old enough to start laying. Great news is that we already have at least one buyer set up to take two dozen at a time twice a week.

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  2. RileyCalanchini

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    Mar 26, 2014
    That's awesome! I have 28 laying hens and have been getting about 15 eggs a day because its so cold. When it warms up, I should be getting a lot more!!!

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