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7 Easter Egger & Frizzle Easter Eggers and 5 lavender Ameraucana eggs

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by ILOVEFRIZZLES, Oct 17, 2011.



    Feb 2, 2009
    Hamilton Ga
    7 Easter Eggers. The roosters are a Blue Ameraucana and a lavender Ameraucana. There is also a Frizzle Easter Egger rooster. They lay Blue/green eggs. The hens are all Black some are Black Ameraucana some are split/Lavender Ameraucana and some Different Color Easter Eggers. Can not guarantee egg once leave the Post Office. Each egg is wrap in bubble wrap placed in an egg carton. Carton is wrap with some thing to secure it. The place in a priority box made sure carton can not move and shipped to you door. Check out my www.redroofhens.com

    5 Are out of my lavender Ameraucana pen. These pen does have two split lavender Ameraucana hens and somel lavender Ameruacana all rooster Lavender Ameraucana. I did have a Black orpington in there about a week ago. Are also test eggs have not sold from these breed.

    some of these eggs are already five day old. Price to sell.
    These are the extra from my auction these week. some are dirty. Egg are the extra that from my other auctions

    pay pal sancha2626@yahoo.co



    He looks a lot better now these was right after I got him and the other rooster make him keep is head in the corner that why is head is dirtier.



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