7 Fluffy Chickens


Aug 21, 2019
Central Utah @ 6000 ft elevation
Our neighbors got these chickens from someone they knew about 5 months ago. Just recently they gave them to us because they didn't have enough time to take care of them and we were planning on getting some of our own anyway. I think they are Orpingtons. Would love to have any insights on breed. I have 2 roosters and 5 hens.
The tan yellow colored hen is a buff Orpington, black hen is a black Cochin, the rest of the ones with feathered feet are also Cochins but I can’t recognize their variety’s, and the grey one to the far left I can’t tell what she is.

I don’t see any australorps.
I think I see four Cochins - both of your roosters (the black and white one might be called a splash pattern; not sure about the other), and the black hens. The tan one is a buff Orpington female. I can't tell about the lavender one, but she's female.
Agree with others. 1 Buff Orpington (yellow), the rest appear to be Cochins.

The black and white looks to be a mottled Cochin.

Typically very sweet birds. Not great layers, except the Buff Orp should be a good layer. Typically light tint eggs. Overall very sweet birds. Watch out for aerial predators if you have them in the area. Cochins waddle, not run. I have high hawk area and keep my Cochins in a netted pen to keep them from being hawk bait.


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