7 Lavender Ameruacana and 4 split/lavender Orpington 1 bcm

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    Feb 2, 2009
    Hamilton Ga
    5 Are out of my lavender Ameraucana pen. These pen does have two split lavender Ameraucana hens and somel lavender Ameruacana all rooster Lavender Ameraucana. I did have a Black orpington in there about a week ago. Are also test eggs have not sold from these breed.

    4 split/back Orpingtion these are this year bird. They are from Lones pine farms. Out of great blood lines. Going to raise some to improve my flock of lavender orpingtion in spring. Test egg have not tried to hatch any yet but they do have bullseyes. All were together about a week ago lavender and orpingtion.
    paypal [email protected]

    some of these eggs are already five day old. Price to sell.
    These are the extra from my auction these week. some are dirty. Egg are the extra that from my other auctions

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