+7 Lemon Cuckoo Orp. Eggs! Auction ends Nov. 4th 9:30pm PCT


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Nov 27, 2010
Moreno Valley Ca
I'm offering +7 hatching lemon cuckoo orpingtion eggs! (its going to be more like 8 -10) This is an AUCTION type listing bids will be placed in the comment box. BID STARTS AT $10! I have 6 hens and 1 roo. Fertility has been wonderful! Around 95-100% So far, ALL the chicks I have hatched have the Beautiful baring, not just the ones that carry the gene!

The Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtion is a beautiful bird. Their feathers are white with a deep rich yellow barring. Did I mention they are wonderful egg layers? Throughout the heat of summer, they just didn't stop laying eggs and my incubator was full of them! 2 of my hens do NOT show the barring but they do carry the gene, so it is possible you get one that only carries the gene, however ALL of the chicks I have hatched have the barring. Unlike any other chicken there rear end feathers seem to "float" in the wind, instead of staying tight in the body. They also have great personalities!

Shipping is 12.00 priority flat rate box. I bubble rap each egg individually the sides, and the ends, and place shredded newspaper in the box along A LOT of plastic bags on the bottom of the. the top, and the sides of the box. I WILL ALWAYS INCLUDE EXTRA EGGS!! However when the eggs leave my hands I have no control on how they are handled. I do write "Fragile" "Handle w/ Care" "Perishable" On the box. I can include any thing else to your desire.

Payment: payment will be paid through paypal within 48hrs of ending. (unless a reasonable excuse)

Paypal: [email protected] (farmboy241)

Ends November 4TH 9:30 pm pacific time

Good Luck!
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