7 mo old buff with a pale pink comb

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    I have 6 chickens all about the same age, all purchased as newly hatched chicks from a feed store on May 5, 2011: Two buff Orpingtons, 2 Rhode Island reds, 2 silver lace. I get 3 eggs most days and everyone seems healthy and happy.
    My issue is one of the buffs is large, healthy and happy but still has a pale pink comb. I am pretty sure she doesn't lay. I know everyone and everything has an internal clock and maturity will be reached in her own sweet time but isn't over 7 months old taking her own sweet time to the limit?

    They eat organic crumble, wheat grass sprouts, organic compost, and the pulp from organic juicing. They get out of their 14 X 70 run at least once a day and I turn over old wheat grass trays so they get bugs even when they're in their run.
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    Post picture for me to be able to give an accurate answer.[​IMG] Thankyou.[​IMG]
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    Some of the breeds I keep take more than 8 months to start laying. Pure breeds do take longer than hybrids.
    And of course you'll still get variances within any one breed from hen to hen. Probably perfectly normal...
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    Perfectly normal. Orpingtons sometimes do take a long time to lay. The bigger the bird, the longer it takes. Or sometimes, who knows why? I have one that's been laying for months, and it's hatchmate just started laying.

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