7 Mo. Old Hen Stopped Laying


7 Years
May 17, 2012
New Mexico
I have a 7 mo. old Sussex hen who just stopped laying about about two weeks ago. I've been reading other articles/posts on what may effect that - but the weather hasn't been that strange (yes it's fall and getting colder - low is in the 30's) - She's not molting, had access to oyster shell, and lay pellets. She's not acting sick or strange in any way. We have a BO that is the same age, and she lays as regular as clockwork. They are spoiled rotten girls and get "dinner" every night which consists of dinner left-overs, oatmeal, yogurt, yep, just about anything safe for a chicken to eat!

I've checked her for mites, pests, etc.. - no snakes in the yard, or skunks - usually when she's laying we know it because the other hen suddeny starts sqwaking thinking she's been abandoned and is all alone.

Any ideas as to what may be going on?? If it'll pass - that's fine - and we'll wait. I just don't want her to be sick and us not know any better.

Any comments would be appreciated! Thank you!
It probably has more to do with the amount of daylight instead of the temperature. I have 16 hens and we are only getting about 3 eggs per day. Some of my girls are molting, but were laying during. I'm sure it will pass if she's eating regularly and not acting strange.
Sometimes chickens just stop laying until spring and this is normal. Hopefully she will make up for it.

One of my EEs stopped laying for a week, during the bad weather: Sandy brought wind, and a cold front moved in at the same time. It was pretty brutal for several days. She finally gave me a green egg yesterday, since the weather has returned to "normal'. But, Agnes is quieter and more of a loner than the rest of the girls, so I'm thinking it may have been that the weather upset her. Only time will tell. Unfortunately, she's the only chicken that I have that lays colored eggs, so I wish it had been one of the others, instead.

Oh well. Such is life.

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