7 Month Old Buff Orpington Cockrel

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  1. Beth G.

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    I have two different very nice dark Buff Colored Cockrels for sale. This is the First and is a cockrel that is only breeder quaility. He has a tiny bit of smutt on the tip of a few tail feathers. If put over a nice light buff girl the offspring should be gorgeous!


    This boy was dusted, wormed, Banded and nails trimmed so if his comb seems a bit dull it's from the dusting [​IMG] I should have taken pictures prior to the dusting but, forgot. His Band is: Green #324

    He comes with a negative Avian Influenza and Salmonella Pullorum test paperwork from the State of CT dept of Ag Dated August 2011.

    Shipping only within the US. Shipping cost can vary depending on zipcode. But, most places Express is roughly $74.00. I will included at no additional charge a slightly used box.

    Please feel free to Email me any questions you may have.

    Thanks for looking [​IMG]
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    Feb 19, 2011
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    Beth, I need only one of your beautiful boys. Can you tell me about their body types and muscling, as much as one can tell at 7 months. LOL Not sure which to bid on. LOL TY
  3. Beth G.

    Beth G. Gaetano Family Farm

    Hi, I'm not really sure how to explain that but, can tell you that they are both identical as size and body type go. Only difference is one has a tiny touch of smutt on his tail which can be helpful sometimes when breeding to buffs hens that may be great type but too light in color they are also 100% american so they will finish out with an american body type vrs. They are still young and gauky looking as I feel they still have some filling in to do. I have some english and they are much different looking. Hope this helps and pls feel free to ask me anything else. I will try my best answer youy best I can [​IMG]. Thanks, Beth
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