7 month old chicken? or Rooster? or what???

Mister Fluffy-kins

8 Years
May 13, 2011
I have 2 Rhode Island reds. We purchased them "sexed" as hens. One has always been bigger and I believe crowed this morning. I hear dominant females can act this way, but I would like to be certain. I am trying to upload a picture. These hens are about 7 months old and would have thought he/she would have started this earlier.
dominat hens may crow but if you want us to sex them for you then yea the pics would help

also you need about 10 post to post pics as well unless you want to send them to me and then i can put them on for you
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Might be different if you have a photobucket account, but I'm not sure. You can go the the greeting page or find some threads to comment on. Roosters crow at different ages and it mostly just depends on the rooster. Yes, hens can crow, have spurs, have thick legs, and have other behaviors that roosters have.
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Roosters can crow at any time - there is no "set age" by which they're guaranteed to start.

They should look very different at this point if one is a roo and one is a hen. A picture will help... look for pointy feathers at the base of the tail and base of the neck, as well as much larger comb and wattles. These are indicative of a rooster.

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