7 month old hen not able to stand (Buckeye Breed)

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    Mar 18, 2012
    Hi all - I have been all over the internet and finally coming to all of you for help.

    Here's symptoms: Diarrhea, Falling over forward when I try to have her stand. I saw her running one minute, thought she was chasing a moth - then next thing I saw was her flopping around - back forth and then a hefty flip - and then no movement.

    Next let me explain what I saw and how I got to this point...

    We bought a straight run of Buckeye Chicks (they were vaccinated) in March - we culled the males and had 9 healthy hens all laying and having a grand ole time in their pen areas and at least 4 times a week foraging with our Spanish Goats in the woods and pastures.

    So - yesterday, I shooed them out of the coop and pen areas a little early because we wanted to open main gates and do some work in that shed/coop area. So I made one get out of her nest. Not sure if she had laid the one in there or not - she wasnt happy but went with the Rooster and rest of girls to forage. Then I went to work doing what we were there to do and out of the corner of my eye saw one of the girls do the things I described above - I Do NOT know if it was the same gal I chased off or not.

    Also - as I was shooing the one hen out that I had kicked off the nest - our farm helper said, " hey that goat just swing its horns and head at her". He does that all the time - hes the resident wether and runs the place, he just lets em know to keep clear and has never tried to charge or hurt any chickens. I dont know if his horn clipped her - our helper wasnt sure - said it could have.

    So here's what I did yesterday. Isolated her, Brought her in garage in cage, gave her water and electrolites, dosed her with epsom salt water syringe (which she did drink) fed her oatmeal (just a little last night).

    Today I have dosed her again with epsom salts and water, gave her water with electolites, fed otameal and a little scambled egg with a little probios in it, some yogurt - AND - I gave her an epsom salt/warm water soaking bath (just in case she's egg bound). She does seem like she is pushing and raising tail.

    Ok - what else? Help - just not sure whats going on. Shes talking, alert, seem to enjoy the bath, shes eating, eyes look good, she uses her legs to push, can stand IF i hold her upright, if not she plops over...what am I missing? Any suggestions would be FANTASTIC!!!! Sorry its such a long explaination - but thought all the facts would help all of you experienced fellow chicky lovers.
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    We had a rooster that was acting like that. Eventually, the girls got this nasty sneeze, and his daughter lost the ability to hold her neck upright for long periods of time. We came to the conclusion that it was most likely mareks, and culled all the sick chickens last saturday.
    Keep her in extreme solitary. Don't give her any reason to try to walk anywhere, even just two steps to her food and water. You could try to make her some sort of a sling, so she could "stand" and preen and stuff.
    Good luck with her!

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