7 month old mallard, clipped wings has left the yard, would the cold winter bring her home


Mar 11, 2015
I clipped all my 7 month old ducklings ....... One duckling got out of the yard and went to the farm next door. I don't think that farm will supply her enough food for the winter to sustain life...as there are not animals there , just an old barn and garage that one can crawl under and 2 ponds that are beginning to freeze over.......so I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with mallards to know what she would do , come winter. She knows how to get home because she has come back and forth a few times...but she refuses to stay. So I am wondering if a young mallard , when faced with no food and severe cold would come running home since I am only about 600 feet away?.....anyone had this happen. I worry since she cannot fly.....she cannot migrate and so she is stuck on the ground with winter coming.......I am in Caribou Maine..where you can almost see Santa's house.

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