7 Month Old Pekin Drake needs loving home-partner was injured-California (Santa Cruz)

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    Mar 22, 2016
    Hi All,

    My wonderful 7 month old Pekin drake needs a new loving home. His partner was badly injured and can't safely accept his mating. She is a small Khaki Campbell and he is twice her size and young and enthusiastic. Other than that he is a complete gentleman and loves her so it is killing me to have to re-home him. He needs to go as a pet (not eventual food) and needs to have other ducky company (preferably some lady friends) and water for bathing (specifying this as I know some choose not to provide bathing/swimming water). There's not a lot of action on here for California but I'll try anyways. He needs to go soon as I don't believe it's fair to have one of them penned up in a small pen all the time and I have no other way of separating them. I would also take recommendations for rescue organizations or tips for listing on Craigslist. I just really want him to find a good happy place for him. My 3 year old daughter and I are so sad about this. I don't want to stress him more by shipping him, but I am willing to drive to deliver him within a reasonable distance.
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