7 Month Old Pullet Moulting?


12 Years
Mar 16, 2009
SF Bay Area, No. California

Hi All,
We just bought a pullet from a local SF Bay Area rare breeds breeder. The pullet was sold to me as a 6.5 or 7 month old. But she is HUGE, almost 8 lbs, and she's MOULTING! Has anyone here ever heard of 7mo. pullet moulting? This hen is a mixed breed, but we have another purebread of her same main breed, and she is nowhere near as big or mature. It is almost unbelievable to us that the bird we bought is really 6.5 or 7 months old.
Thank you both. My first little flock didn't moult until they were 18 months old, at least. Most were 2 years old, and I had owned them from their ninth week. It was a huge shock to see the silver feathers drifting over the yard a few hours after we brought this girl home.
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