7 months & so much inconsistency

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    May 1, 2014
    So I got 10 chicks on April 26th--all 10 lived with me (of course in the proper housing) and seemed to be happy and healthy. Time finally rolled around and 6 of my hens were laying consistently everyday and 2 had just got started. Then suddenly it all stopped seeming like they were going on strike--day light had not dropped by that point. Slowly a few started up again--of the 10, 4 belonged to my in laws--6 1/2 months later their coop was ready (it didnt take 6 1/2 months to build, but just to get everything worked out) I should mention that of the 10 4 were "sisters" it seemed like one of each sister was also laying--but not all 8 (hope that makes sense) I divided the 10--keeping 4 of the sisters and giving 4 to the in laws as we originally agreed.
    Since the move egg production dropped for them (i think bc of stress) but I am not sure why it dropped for me (stress?) the coop is winterized with heat (a sweeter heater that I love), water warmed, food good, not too many treats. Everything looks fine to me (a small bit of frost bite on ones comb) BUT their poop (not sure who or maybe all) is HUGE! LIKE ALMOST EGG SIZE (a small-medium egg size) This is my first time with chickens so there is so much I am learning. Is there something I am missing? They arent hiding eggs. My Goldstar, Buff, Barred Rock are my layers (ive caught them all in the act) -- Im pretty sure my Silver Laced Wyandotte, and Black Australorp did lay at some point---and my easter egger is still a no show for eggs EVER.

    any thoughts and wisdom would be great. Of the 4 I gave to my inlaws I am pretty sure all were laying and now only one is everyday.
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    Certainly, when you originally separated the flock, that could cause a delay in egg production. It is stressful for those left behind as well as the ones rehomed, because they then have to reset the pecking order of the remaining birds from scratch.

    So what is the daylight like now? Are you heading into Winter, because it might well be that they are not getting enough daylight to lay - they need about 14 hours per day in order to lay consistently.

    - Krista

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