7 of12 Hatched so far! BamaChicken's Roo+BlackHens=Silver Chix?

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  1. We hatched 6 of our shipped Orpington eggs from BamaChicken on Day 20 and here they are warming up in the Snoozer brooder....

    Introducing the silver chix! They are just darling!

    Silver chix and their siblings.. basically black chix

    And everyone after I woke them up from the previous photo [​IMG]

    There are 6 more eggs in the 'bator. 2 are definitely dead in their shells even though one zipped and one pipped and started to zip. (I wonder if I should remove those, they are open & grossing me out). That leaves 4 possible chix left, one of whom has pipped, the other three show no signs of life.. yet.

    Added: hatching pics of the 1st three are here if you wanna see: Bodyflight's 1st Hatching Album
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    Ohhhhh!!! They are so sweet!! I just love the silver coloring! Good Luck on the rest of your hatch!
  3. Thanks steff! I think the silver looking ones are just so cute too!!

    We had a 7th pop out while I was taking a little nap. Still no activity in the last 3 non-pipped eggs.

    Still don't know if I should remove the 2 that died in the shell.. maybe I should when i pull the 7th one out of there later tonight...
  4. Here's #7.. it's VERY small and was extremely lethargic in the incubator. I would whistle to it and it just blinked.. beak on the floor. I don't know what happened, it WAS active. I decided to put it in the brooder and see what happens, I was worried that 100 degrees and 81% humidity was just sucking the life out of it.. I don't know.. but here she is.. TINY huh?


    Here is another pic of the darling silver one...

    and here is the pic of our blue, that pipped, zipped and then died in the shell.
    I carefully removed the shell, its looks just fine, I don't know why it died. Another also pipped and started to zip and died. Any ideas?

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