7 Paint Silkie Chicks + 1 Gray (6-7 weeks old) NPIP

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Jun 17, 2009
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My Coop
This Group has 7 Paint Chicks and will include 1 Gray chick from the paint breeding. It could carry the paint gene.

Chicks will ship Tuesday by Express Mail in a new Horizon Box. Weather must be permitting on both ends. They will ship with fruit/canned corn for their trip. Shipping is hard on birds/chicks so please take that into consideration before bidding. You can add additional insurance for an extra fee of $2.30. Insurance does not cover birds if they arrive on time, unless the box incurs damage during shipping. The box must be opened at the Post Office in front of a Postal Employee.

No shipping to Hawaii, OH or VA. Please check you state shipping regulations before bidding: http://www.bah.state.mn.us/animals/poultry/exports.html If your state requires more than an NPIP certification I can not ship!!!









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