7 Serama Eggs/GA (second try)--Buy It Now! $15 shipped!


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Oct 14, 2008
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OK, this first batch is going to Ebay, I can't have them going in my bator. So if you bid on this, you get the next batch of 7, which should go out the end of next week.

I have 7 serama eggs ready to go. $15.00 includes shipping.


My eggs will be fertile when you get them but I will not guarantee your hatch due to circumstances beyone my control such as postal mishandling or your incubation methods. I will ship to the 48 continuous states only. Paypal for this auction, but will accept money orders for future eggs if you PM me.
Other eggs are listed on my BYC page, please PM if interested in any of those.
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Hey! are these the ones the eggs are from or do you have more? Also where did your originally come from? sorry for all the questions I'm just starting to get into them and have ordered eggs from several people. I've got to decide if I am goin to pull my incubators back out.
These are the ones the eggs come from. There is the one blueish laced one and two black hens. There are three other hens in with them now but they haven't started laying yet (not quite old enough yet). I originally hatched them from an order off Ebay where I was sent 36 eggs (I paid for a dozen) and an order of 10 eggs off of here. I hatched 4 out of all those eggs.
I love the color on those 2. so far I've hatched 3 different batches and I've only got 2 I'm for sure keeping form them, not really satisfied wiht those either, I've got some that are about 3 months old that are looking promiseing and Some PPP seramas under a broody. I need to pull my bators back out but haven't so let me think on it.
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I hatched out 5 of these a few weeks ago. I'll try to get pictures and post them but they are in with a bunch of other chicks so that may be harder than it seems, lol.
Ok, too many chicks in there and none of them would hold still but here is one that was on the roost and looked down at the camera.

And here is one that flew away into the yard right before I took the picture and I had a heck of a time catching him, lol.

There is also a white colored one (I am hoping it will turn out like the blueish one since she started out white) and a black one and a yellowish colored one.
Very interested, but do you know for sure that the hen is the bluish one, or could it be one of the black hens? Would really like to have the bluish ones. Thanks

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