7 week old buff coughing, sneezing, and clear nasal discharge

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    Feb 14, 2013
    Okay I started out with 6 Barred Rock chicks about three weeks ago from a local feed store and they were doing great. This past Saturday we bought two 6 week old buff Orphingtons and four one week old Amercauna chicks from a local woman on Craigslist. I am guessing the Barred Rocks are about 5 weeks old now. I noticed a few days ago that one the buffs started sneezing and has clear discharge from her nose. I have the Amercaunas separated inside of the brooder, and from the other chicks. The older chicks were in the coop together and now one of the Barred Rocks have started showing the same symptoms. They are all eating well but the buff seems to be a little more lethargic than the others. I have moved all inside as of tonight and have not given any meds as of yet. I have read about giving antibiotics via the water and was wondering if this is the best route, I am sure that whatever it is all of them probably have it now, so I will be treating them all, or should I see if they get better on their own. I just started medicated feed and the bedding is pine shavings, also the Barred Rocks were picking on the buffs when we first got them but have not gotten used to them. Any help would be appreciated, also I live near Tampa Florida, and would like to find a vet that treats chickens in the area.

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