7 week old chick has a very swollen neck and head. Does anybody know why?

Samantha Whitman

May 26, 2017
I am a new member here and thanks for letting me join. I have a 7 week old Silver Laced Wyandotte and a little over a day ago I noticed that its neck was swollen and so I seperated it and thought it could be an impacted crop or sour crop but her chest, neck and now the head is swollen and squishy like a big balloon. I also thought it might be some type of bug bite as i had her out a couple of days ago. It seems to be swelling up very fast but the chick is still alert and it's eating and drinking fine. The first two pictures are from a day and a half ago and the others are from today.


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I am pretty sure this is not a bug bite, but I do not have a good answer for you, sit tight someone will be along soon that may have advice for you.

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