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7 week old chick possibly blind

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by 2blindchickens, May 11, 2016.

  1. 2blindchickens

    2blindchickens Hatching

    May 10, 2016
    Hello! I apologize if this post is in the wrong spot. I have 8 mixed breed 7 week old chicks that were purchased from our local feed store. They were 3 days old when purchased, raised in a homemade brooder for the first 6 weeks and then put out in our chicken coop with our two, three year old reds. The reds were rescues-- distant family members decided they no longer wanted the responsibility of chickens. Anyway, they have become pets and are dearly loved. Also, one of them has cataracts and is mostly blind. Her previous owners had no idea-- other than they would not assimilate into another flock.

    Now, I am noticing behaviors in one of my baby chick's that leads me to believe she too is blind. She is always the last one out of the coop. Sbe cautiously runs towards the other chicks. She is constantly getting left behind. I am finding her crying behind the playhouse, in a corner of the coop, in the walkway/coop if left behind, behind the feed bucket, or behind the water or feeder. She will not roost like the others and always pecks around until she finds the feed or water. What ultimately leads me to believe she is blind is that she does not see me reaching for her.

    I asked a friend of mine and she says a blind chicken is rare and having two is very rare. Am I overreacting? Are these normal behaviors? Anyone else have experience in this area? I do not want to cull her. She is learning the ropes and I think she will do fine.

    I should add that she has a blue dot in the center of each eye-- no other signs or symptoms. She eats and drinks once she finds it. She is small, but not sickly looking. Her crop looks good, she is mostly feathered ( tiny bit of fuzz on neck) and overall looks healthy. Could she be sick although she has no other symptoms? None of the others seem to be sick or have this issue. I never had a pecking problem and their was never visible trauma to the eyes. Thank you for your answers.

  2. SuperChickRuth

    SuperChickRuth Chirping

    Feb 11, 2016
    Can you post a picture of her?

    I'm sorry, I got a little lost in your post, how old is the chick?

    It sounds like she knows where the food and water is, so that's really good. She might not be completely blind, but it sounds like she does have an eye problem. Is she bumping into things?

    We had a chick that we thought was blind, but as it turns out she just had an eye infection and is getting better. You said your gal looks healthy, so I take it she doesn't have any discharge from her eyes. Right?

    Also, [​IMG]


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