7 week old chicken with Coccidiosis?

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    Jul 6, 2015
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    I noticed today that my 7 week old rooster had something red in its poop. I didn't take a photo of the first poop but did of the next one.
    I haven't seen anything in the other 4 chickens but I also hadn't paid that close attention until this morning's poop. I noticed one of them stretching their neck and almost gasping. I looked up gape worm but wasn't sure if that was it or if I was dealing with Coccidiosis.
    These are my first chickens (which I hatch) so any help would be appreciated.

    Also, they did have a couple grape tomatoes yesterday afternoon so I wasn't sure if that could be the cause.

    This is the second poop and I did smash it up a bit so I could see what all was in there.
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    Aug 29, 2014
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    That poop looks pretty normal to me. It's not uncommon to see a bit of red in droppings as chickens occasionally shed some of their intestinal lining. I would be more worried if it was happening on a regular basis.

    And as far as the chicken stretching and gasping, sometimes they do that if they have something in their throat (piece of grass typically). Keep an eye on her and if it doesn't happen too often, it's probably nothing to worry about. Check out youtube for videos of chickens with gape worm, they are clearly uncomfortable and do the stretching/yawning quite often.

    To ease your mind though, I would take a couple samples to a vet to do a fecal test. Many vets, even ones who do not treat chickens, will do a fecal test and they are usually only $15 or so. If the vet says they need to see the chicken first, call around for another vet. Unless they are experienced farm vets, they likely won't be very helpful aside from the fecal and will charge an arm and a leg.

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