7 week old EE rooster or pullet?


8 Years
Mar 18, 2011
Chino Valley, AZ

Hope someone can tell
ginger c. :

no idea if it's a boy or girl, sorry, but whatever it is it's beautiful! love the colors!

Thank you. can't wait to see the finished product. haha​
I'm guessing pullet. One of my EEs had huge tail feathers while the 4 cockerels with her had maybe a quarter inch. The coloring is girly too, and the comb is not as big and red as i would expect a cockerel to have at 7 weeks.
Could you post a better pic of the comb? Right now I'm leaning an eensy bit towards roo because those legs look pretty thick, but I think the comb would be a better indicator. Even my late-maturing EE roo had a bright comb at 8 weeks. Yours is a pretty bird, regardless!
I wouldn't dare guess just yet. My EE cockeral didn't develop a red comb or saddle feathers until he was 10 weeks old. Pic of the comb close up possible?

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