7 week old Frizzled Cochin Roos - Ia


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
I would like to get re-home some of my bantam frizzled roos. There are two black, two blue and one that can't make up his mind on color. (His legs are black feathered, but his body is blue...) These were hatched from dipsydoodle eggs and are very darling! The mamas had some silkie in them so some are 5 toed and one might be getting a partial crest. I really hate to part with them but unfortunately I have only one pullet so you can see how this isn't gonna work out! I am taking BO or trade for hatching eggs (bantam cochin, silkie, showgirl, or EE). Will not ship, but might be willing to meet up with someone if it isn't to far away. Will post pictures asap!

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