7 week old hen, feather picking turned bad, what next?

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    I have a bad case of feather plucking going on and it's leaving my Austrolorps vulnerable to attack. For whatever reason they are the ones that are suffering the blunt of the plucking. I have isolated those that are injured, cleaned the wounds and applies an herbal healing spray. One is still pretty bloody though and I'm wondering if I should pick up some syptic powder to apply. She has about a quarter size wound just above her tail feathers, pretty raw. I lost a sweet little hen yesterday to this and I'm worried it's going to continue. Would appreciate any advice.

  2. roosters4sale

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    Sep 12, 2010
    Hi. I like furazolidone (furall) . It's a topical antibacterial for wounds and sores. It sprays a yellow powder that sticks to the animal. The yellow lets you know the wound is covered. I use it on my goats also, its for all animals. It's around $8.95. Hope this helps.
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    I had this happen with a group of Orpingtons I was raising - it was SO frustrating - they were constantly pecking each other and causing real injury. I never did figure out why - the usual causes are cramped conditions, boredom, not enough food/water, etc. I ended up having to seperate just about everyone and wait until they healed completely (weeks!), then re-introducing them, by then the "habit" was broken. Good luck!

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