7 week old Muscovy duckling sex help?


Dec 18, 2020
Hello everyone!
We are first time duck owners and are struggling to work out the sex of our two Muscovy ducklings that will be 7 weeks old in a couple of days. I’m thinking they’re both the same sex but the grey one is and has always been larger but apart from that they seem to be developing at the same rate. My thoughts are females as they’re stating to get flight feathers and are well feather on their belly’s and backs already but other then that I’m completely unsure as they seem to have big legs and feet to me 🤷🏻‍♀️ Please help haha

also any suggestions on what colours/marking they will be will be super handy too ☺️

Thank you!


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They are at the age when sexual differences, if they are different sexes, should become more apparent going forward.

A picture from over head showing body shape and length can help sometimes. You will need to update pictures in a couple of weeks. Generally you call tell for sure by 3 months.

I'm just gonna guess at this point, the white looks male, and the black is similar in the feathering so it's probably a male too, but it's only a guess.

Pictures from above as well aside standing shots can help. Males have a different all over shape that females usually. Males also will lay down a lot more than females.

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