7-week-old Rooster's Wattles Are Getting Pecked! *UPDATE W/ PHOTOS*


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Apr 14, 2009
Our little roo's wattles are just beginning to hang a bit, and are quite red. I just noticed, though, that when I put him back in with the rest of the chicks, after taking a 20 minute walk with him, the girls immediately started to pull on his wattles. The sweet boy wasn't fighting back – he just let them. Then they stopped for a little while, and started again. He pecked back once, but other than that, he just lets them drag him around. I think they're bleeding a little, or have been.

What should I do? Separate him for a while? Trust him to take care of himself?
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The hens are to the blood/red. I would wash the wattles with warm water and a mild soap and dry well. Put a little neosporin on it and keep him separate for a few days so he doesn't get an infection. When you reintroduce him you can put blu-cote on the wattles or coal/pine tar. I prefer the coal/pine tar. The hens shouldn't come back for more than one taste.

Let us know how it goes.
Well, I haven't separated him yet – his wattles still look like they have dried blood on them, but I can't clean them off. Are they just bruised? The pullets have left him alone the last two days.
that's odd, I've had chicks peck other chicks' backs but never the wattles. as long as they're leaving him alone I'd say he'll be fine... but if they keep pecking, isolate him, treat him with neosporin if needed, and wait until he's totally healed before reintroducing him to the flock.
Well, Mr. Incredible's growing quickly into a large and handsome young man. His wattles are growing, and I have not seen the girls pecking them any time recently (now and then, they pick once, gently, but always stopping). The only thing is – one of his wattles is not round on the bottom. It's got a notch (sort of) in it – kind of pulled up in the middle. The other one is large and red, but the strange one I think might have gotten a bit cut when the girls were pecking on him. Will he always unsymmetrical wattles? Do any of your roosters have funny shaped wattles?

Thanks for everyone's help a few weeks ago!

I'll try to get a photo of him tomorrow.
Awww Mr. Incredible.
It's possible he has a genetic thing, or maybe a little scar. It might drop better later.

Yes to pictures please! Good to hear the good news.
Here's his normal wattle:


And here is his abnormal wattle:


Oh he's got a long way to go on those wattles.
I think they just look like maybe he might have a little notch, but I bet once they really fill out you'll be not likely to see it.

What a great face.

I'm jealous - I have my first buff orpington this year, and he's a bantam. He's so wonderful a bird that I wish I had more bird to hug! LOL Mr. Incredible is a nice one.

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