7 week old silkies sexing

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Staffii, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Staffii

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    Oct 22, 2019
    Hi everyone.
    I bought myself some 2 week old silkies, they're now 7 weeks old, I have a very big feeling one of them is a cockrell based on looks and behavioral habits, thought I would share some pictures of them with no information to see if my thoughts were along the same lines as everyone else. They're notoriously hard to sex, and at this stage everything is still a maybe, but worth a try.

    Lily - White blue splash
    20191022_194207.jpg 20191022_194232.jpg
    Iris - Black
    20191022_194745.jpg 20191022_194730.jpg
    Daisy - Partridge
    20191022_194916.jpg 20191022_203204.jpg
    Please let me know your opinions along with why that is your opinion ☺
    20191022_194207.jpg 20191022_194232.jpg 20191022_194745.jpg 20191022_194730.jpg 20191022_194916.jpg 20191022_203204.jpg
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  2. HuffleClaw

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    Jul 8, 2018
    (Southern USA)
    Mostly cockerels it’s looking like. Post pictures when they’re 12-14 weeks, please. :fl
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  3. cmfarm

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    May 3, 2010
    Elgin, TX
    Agreed, they look like boys. Iris for sure.
  4. Staffii

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    Oct 22, 2019
    This semi confirms my thoughts.
    I have been watching behavioural interaction as well as keeping an eye on the formation of their combs and head feather.
    Iris I think for sure is a cockrell, and if he is, he will be a great looking cockrell.
    I personally think that Lily (splash) and Daisy (partridge) are females from watching their mannerisms, interactions and general day to day actions.
    Lily and Daisy are a LOT more dosile They run at about 1/4 of the speed of iris and are generally super calm and collective.
    Iris runs around by himself socializing and trying to chest bump my hens and Silkie roo. He also has zero fear of the outcome of his actions.
    As for head feathers, Iris is swept back, Daisy is a perfect ball, and Lily is a ball with some scraggly feathers which recently I have put down to her not maturing as quick as the others.

    Would I be in the ball park using the mannerisms etc as a basis for my assumptions?

    Im not sure what to look for but I am guessing pullets are more docile and calm than cockrells.
  5. Stacyoung13

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    Apr 9, 2018
    Jacksonville, Florida
    I have 29 Silkies...and mannerisms go both ways!! I have a cockerel named Harley that is soooo loveable, but Eddy and Wilber would rather run than love! I have females the same way...some want loves, some would rather peck at ya!! LOL they all look like boys, but it is early. Sometimes you have to wait til they lay or crow!!!! Post pics again in a few weeks!!! They are beautiful birds!!!
  6. MysteryChicken

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    May 31, 2018
    East, Tawas Michigan
    Boys, because the shape, & size of their combs, & crests. Plus a few of them are already growing wattles.

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