7-week old White Leghorns w/17-week Red Stars-How long to separate?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by etoh100, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Mar 16, 2011
    I just got my first chickens this spring. Kids wanted some chicks to raise, so the 6 White Leghorns just turned 7-weeks and got moved from the brooder out to the coop, but the 8 started Red Star Pullets (about 17 weeks old according to McMurray) that were delivered 3 days ago have been in the coop 3 days already. As soon as I put the Whites in the coop, the Red Stars started pecking on them. The Whites are still pretty small compared to the Red Stars, but they are fully feathered. So, I installed a small area in the corner of the coop made with welded wire where the Red Stars can't get at the Whites and they each have there own water and feed. How long do I need to keep them separated in the coop before they can intermingle safely and re-establish a new pecking order? I already cleaned out the brooder in the basement and would hate to bring them back into the house; they were getting pretty big for the brooder, anyhow. Thanks for any advice or intructions.
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    Let them see each other but not touch each other for three weeks or maybe a month if possible. Put the younger ones in a separated area where they can still have some contact with the older ones. That way they will get used to each other. My Red Stars did some pecking on my Marans when I integrated them today, but they were not too aggressive ( they didn't chase the Marans around.) I also left some hiding places that the younger chicks could run into (but the older chicks could not). Now it's their first night sleeping "together" and the Marans are still sleeping on top of their cage while the older chicks are sleeping on the roost lol. I hope that changes, but so far so good. This is waaay different than the first time I put the Marans in there and let them out of their cage. The older chicks chased them!! So at least three weeks is my advice.

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