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    This mama has been a first time head hen for 7 weeks now! Got my ladies when they were right at a week old and my oh my how they have already grown!

    With that being said, I just wanted to touch base with some of you and make sure I am doing right by my girls. I am still feeding them starter chick starter/grower 20% mixed with cracked corn. I also give them cabbage, brussel sprouts, celery, whatever greens I have that day and of course, their small once daily treat of dried mealworms.

    Coop wise- I have them in a completely hardware enclosed coop/run. The coop has a roost and 3 stacked nesting boxes. The run includes the waterer, feeder, chick ball, dust bath, mirror and swing and the run is partially covered with aluminum.

    I already know who the second hen is below me, and the one below her. They are very bossy ladies and have just now tried to start bossing me around. Any advice on having a happy relationship with broody little hens who think they are tough ****? I can't exactly push them back like I do the horses since they are like .005 their size. lol.

    Any suggestions as to including anything new into their diet, modifications needed for their home or anything else I need to be aware of/watch out for??

    Thank you in advance, and I love this feathered community :)
  2. Sounds like your doing good...I personally would cut out the cracked corn if your feeding it daily...?
    Treats should only be 10% of their regular diet...The feed your giving is a balanced diet..Meaning it covers all the nutrition they need..On a hot day I give watermelon...In the fall I cut holes in a pumpkin large enough for their heads and they peck it clean...Cucumber, squash, thawed mixed frozen veggies..Raisins..Grapes..

    Chickens love to eat...

    Best of luck
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    Welcome to BYC!

    Agrees to cut out corn, definitely do not mix it into the regular feed,
    and maybe cut down on some of the other stuff, aiming at 10% volume of daily feed intake.
    They have access to grit, right?

    Stay the head hen by doing the same as they do....... pecking.
    If a bird gets aggressive with you, 'peck' her with your finger tips on the head,
    or wherever you can reach.....be fast and firm.
    If that doesn't work, put your hand on her back and 'force' her to the ground.
    I've had to do that with a couple sassy adolescents, it works pretty good.

    Kind of the same as with horses.....
    .....just much smaller, you can use a couple fingers instead of a big shoulder shove.

    What is a 'chicken ball'?
    Got pics of coop and birds?

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