7 wk Buff Orrph MUST have a sore throat or......?


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My girls are spending the nights inside their brooder in the house for another night or two (coop and run not quite ready). This morning I had taken 3 out to their run this morning leaving one lone girl in the brooder as my hands were full and as I left the mud room and progressed down the stairs I heard this croaking noise - stopped my in my tracks. Just as I was feeling pretty confident all were girls!

My sister-in-law also has chickens and said the hens can crow. I have read here that this can happen too. In some other discussions on the forum, people have spoken of visual signs of a roo. Given this is my first time around chickens or birds of any kind... I have no idea what to look for. I bought these girls as sexed 1 wk olds from my local farm store with the knowledge I had a 10% chance of getting a roo. What specific visual cues might I look for to determine if I have a roo.

They all look-a-like to a novice like me. Two do have larger bodies - most noticeable difference. Their combs are tiny and appear to be very similar in size and shape.

While I only have 4, I have trouble telling them apart. Below are some photos. See any Roos??




I have 4 Buffs almost the exact age and they look identical. So, I hope you are right Farm Frenzy!

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