7 wk old chick sick?!?


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Jul 27, 2016
My first hatched chick (June 7) is sitting slot, hides from the other chicks, is now smaller, very watery poop at times...I just feel like there is something wrong with her. She seems to eat and drink. Anyone have any thoughts/advice? The other chicks are so active and run all over but, not her. I have put a very little bit of vinegar (Braggs) in her water and she has chick feed.
You could treat all of them with Corid in their water, since she may have coccidiosis. Dosage is 2 tsp of the liquid or 1 1/2 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days. It won't harm the others, and then you don't have to separate her. Make sure that she is not being kept from her food by the others. Feed her a bit of egg for the xtra strength, and give her a drop of Poultry Nutri-drench or Poultry Cell vitamins orally every day. Let us know how she does.
The chicks were fed medicated chick feed, always kept in very clean surroundings, hatched together, and have no blood in stools. Would you still treat the same way? Does Corid treat other illnesses?

The upper left is my sick baby...

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