7-Wk Silver Ameraucana Cockerels (Not for Silver Am breeding; Read on)

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    I have two 7-week old Silver Ameraucana cockerels for sale. They are from a good line, but they may carry a recessive gene for yellow skin, I can't say for certain one way or another; test crosses would be necessary. If they do carry a recessive gene for yellow skin, then (a) if they are mated to a female homogenous for white skin, half of their offspring will be carriers and yellow skin could crop up in the grandchild/F2 generation, or (b) if mated to a female also carrying a recessive yellow skin gene, 1/2 of the offspring would be carriers and 1/4 would have yellow skin.

    That said, these boys would make fantastic roosters for an Easter Egger flock. Carrying a blue egg gene as well as beards and beautiful silver coloring, these boys would add robust, non-hatchery genes to the gene pool. They are healthy, vigorous, and handsome. They have been handraised and demonstrate none of the flightiness sometimes associated with Silvers. (They do, however, fly very well!)

    I will bring these boys to the local poultry sale next month if I still have them, but I wanted to offer them here first. Please PM me if you want more specific information about these birds. I would like $5.00 each. If you would like them both, please let me know and we can negotiate a lower price for each individual. I will not ship, but I will drive up to three hours in any direction from my home in area code 24430. You can use Google Maps to see if we are close enough to make a hand-off feasible.

    Here are the two boys looking for homes: (Click on thumbnails for larger version)

    Silver Ameraucana cockerel #1:

    Silver Ameraucana cockerel #2:

    You can see their hatchmates, including one girl who did inherit yellow skin, at this post on my blog. Thank you for looking, and PM or email with any questions!

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