7 year old Americana rooster growth


12 Years
Oct 4, 2010
Hello, My name is Judy and I have a 7 year old Americana rooster (my favorite of course) A month ago, he had a growth in his mouth, a chicken guy told me it was canker and treated with Fish Zole, So I got some fish zole and gave him 2 tablets which cleared the canker right up, now he seems to be congested, drooling from his mouth, coughing like he has something stuck in his throat, I've checked and can't find anything, he wheezes some but appears to have a hard time breathing. He reminds me of a human with a head cold, congested, coughing, wheezing and just quite not with it, Any help would be greatly appreciated in treating my bird. Thank you for your time. Judy
Canker can also occur inside the mouth, throat, and internally. It is usually indicative of a compromised immune system or excessive stress. There is a possibility that your rooster has tumors that are taking him down physically. I would consider repeating the Fish-zole treatment for a longer period of time. I wish you luck in resolving this situation.

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