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    He reminds me of a red sexink cochin cross for some reason.
  3. Hello and welcome! Chickens are addicting, aren't they?

    i love your coop. It's huge! My chickens are jealous. i'm not sure about your boy, but the coloring does look like my red stars (red sexlinks), so he could have some of that in him. He's very pretty.

    Would love to see more pics when you have them. My husband and i are working on a larger coop and pen for our big girls. But we aren't very handy so it's taking a loooooong time!
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    Definately look like some EE's in that bunch. Your roo looks quite happy with his ladies too!

    Nice coop - not the 'prettiest' but sure looks very functional! I like the way you have your doves on one side also.

    Shall we take bets on how long that pretty green grass stays green? My girls cleaned out a 20x80 ft pen in about a month... [​IMG]
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    Here are some addl pics:



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    Welcome to BYC and the wonderful, addicting world of chickens.

    I love the pictures ..you have such beautiful, colorful chickens and they really stand out on that green grass.

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