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    Very nice! I admit to being a pointer person myself(but, the german type!).
    If you are interested in training them youself, check out www.navhda.org, they have a chapter map (there are lots in PN, not sure where you are). Lots of great folks that will help you get the most out of your hunting dog!
    Here are a few shots of my 18 month old 'Johnny' he scored a 112 on his NA test (Navhda, highest possible score), and he has 4 akc show points in limited showing.

    And backing (you can see the autobacker in the distance)

    I have six gs's now one is a semi retired 12 year old (can still hunt half days) he is a CDX, JH, UT and NA prize dog
    One 8 year old VC, Int. CH, MH, CD
    One 4 year old VC, she has 4 MH legs
    One 18 month old (above)
    One 5 month old (out of my two VC dogs)
    One new pup 11 weeks old.
    I guide professionally and hunt every day myself that I am not guiding, so I do need quite a few dogs, but I think this is my limit for now!

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