75 gallon fish tank (complete set-up ) for sale Northeast Louisiana

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    I am ready to be fishless. We need the space more than we need the fishtank. We are asking $250. That includes a 75 gallon oceanic tank with no leaks or problems. The only slight thing is my son hit a glass against one corner and left a couple of very small chips. These in no way cause any problems. They are barely noticeable. Any serious inquiries I will provide close-ups of the damage. You also get an emperor 400 filter with viable bio-wheels all the decorations and gravel in the tank, a heater, stand (wood.. we paid $250 for the stand and canopy 5 1/2 years ago), canopy (has some water damage on the inside of one side), 2 color brightening lights and a net and tank scrubber. We also have the line you hook up to the faucet to drain and fill the tank.

    I don't even want to add up how much we have in this. It is a LOT more than $250. I know it is well over $500 and it would be more if we had bought the tank new but we did buy the tank used. This is the tank behind the baby boy lol.

    Oh and this is pick-up only. No fish are included with it but we will keep the fish in it with it up and running to keep the integrity of the tank until right before pickup.
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