75g egg from single comb

A single combed breed? Combs have nothing to do with egg size.

Could you explain what you mean by "single comb"? I saw your other thread in Random Ramblings and I think you have a mistaken idea about what a single comb means.

I noticed your signature line:

Quote: Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Delawares and Australorps all have single combs. You have it listed like it's a different breed.
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Yes they are caled single comb brown leghorns. Single comb for ahort. I just figured people would know that who have those chickens
Leghorns are a single combed breed, the browns and whites and all other of the more rare colors, too. Leghorns aren't called "single combs"-all the birds you have listed other than your "Araucanas" are single combed breeds. That's what was confusing us.

No chicken goes by the term "single comb" or no one will understand which one you're talking about. There are single comb Rhode Island Reds and rose combed Rhode Island Reds, but they're all called Rhode Island Reds, so you need to call yours Brown Leghorns.

They can lay really huge eggs, for sure. Leghorns are the white egglayers that supply the jumbo eggs on grocery store shelves.
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