7wk old pullet with crooked leg

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    I have an Egyptian Fayoumis pullet about 7 weeks old with a leg that splays out to the side from the knee when I hold her on her back. I can put it back into place without seeming to cause her any pain, but as soon as I let go, it juts out again. It slides out from under her while she's trying to perch, sometimes even while she's trying to stand. She was never quite as energetic as my other two Fayoumis, and eventually she became so lethargic that I treated her with antibiotics when she was about 3 or 4 weeks old, and that really perked her up. But that's also around the time I noticed she wasn't steady on her feet and the leg wasn't staying underneath her on the perch. I figured she was just weak from the illness and she'd eventually recover, but it seems to be getting worse. She was way bigger than the other two, even while she was really sick, but now they've shot up and she's way smaller. I don't think she's eating enough. Any way to fix that leg? If not, should I cull or wait it out? I don't think she's sick anymore, just has the bum leg. They will be free ranging once they are full grown, so I doubt she'll survive long if it doesn't get corrected somehow.
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    Could it be broken? Also some pictures would help us understand better
    [​IMG] Good luck!

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