8+2 Muscovy Duck Eggs (Includes Shipping)

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    Sep 28, 2012
    8(+2) Muscovy Duck eggs from my free ranging flock.

    FLOCK MEMBERS (see pictures):
    Drake: White
    Ducks: Black pied, Blue Fawn, Chocolate, and White.

    Please indicate your desired ship WEEK from this list:
    March 25 ~ TAKEN
    April 1 ~
    April 8 ~
    April 15 ~

    I am doing 4 weeks out to gauge interest. If you are interested in eggs later in the season, please let me know!

    I will ship on Monday or Tuesday each week unless you prefer another day.

    I cannot guarantee the arrival condition of your eggs, nor your hatch rate, though I would love to do so! I simply have no control over how eggs are handled once they leave my ranch. From USPS handling to incubator challenges, it's just not possible for me to offer a guarantee in this area. I do, however, package these eggs to arrive safely at your door when they are handled like packages and not footballs!

    I do NOT recommend marking boxes as those marked "Fragile" or "Hatching Eggs" tend to be abused worse than those unmarked. The choice is YOURS how I mark your box, please let me know your preference!

    Shipping is included in price!
    Will ship USPS Priority Mail.
    Please indicate what markings, if any, you would like on the outside of your box!

    TO BUY:
    Message me here on BYC for my PayPal address.

    Thank you for looking! If you have any questions, please comment below or message me!
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