8-9 wk old chick

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    May 16, 2014
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    Early this week I noticed one of the chicks I have wasn't doing too well. Very inactive, elevated breathing, runny, light brown poo, and was drinking, but not eating. It's about 8-9 wks old. Banty cochin. I separated it from the others and put poly vi sol in its water(only thing I had at the time). It is now Sunday and the chick is back to eating but is extremely inactive. Any ideas on what this may be? What can I do?
  2. take it to a vet.
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    The first thing I always do when I have a chick in this age range that starts acting slow and not eating/drinking is to treat for coccidiosis with a course of Corid. It is probably the most common problem in chicks this age and you always need to rule it out. I would still do so with this chick in case it's trying to fight off a case of it.
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