8+ Bantam Cochin Eggs, all white with one black hen


9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
kingston, tennessee
I have a small flock of white bantam cochins with one black bantam cochin hen in there. They are laying good. You will get 8 pluse an extra or two. Should get a good hatch but no guarentee with hatch. It is $22 with shipping and handling. I take paypal if you don't mark as gift them please include about 5 percent to cover the fee. Will add photos later today.


6 Years
May 20, 2013
hello. my name is Lilli, and I am doing research in chicks and chickens to do research on them because I am going to try to persuade my parents to let me get one or two eggs, to raise and hatch a chicken or two. I was wondering, if I ACTUALLY get to hatch a chicken or 2 ( I'm not saying I will be able to) if instead of having the eggs shipped to my house, would it be a possibility for me to pick them up? because there can be some rustling when shipping, and the eggs could crack, or not hatch because they were shaken to a pulp. I was just wondering. thank you,
~ Lilli12301

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