8+ Barnevelder Eggs-$25.00 shipping included

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    This is a Bargin Bin offering so it includes shipping.

    I will collect 8+ Barnevelder hatching eggs Saturday & Sunday to ship Monday. As a bonus if you would like I can include a couple Buckeye/Barnevelder cross eggs. We have two Buckeye hens that have insisted that they belong in the Barnevelder pen and that is where they are happy so we have allowed them to stay. I will only ship them if you want them. I will mark the eggs but they are much lighter in color so not hard to tell from the pure Barnevelder eggs.

    Our Barnevelders were originally from Ideal hatchery, however I have added blood from Johan van Achterberg and another private breeder in Texas over the years that we have been raising them.

    Our Barnevelders are a very nice representation of the breed. Our lay a large medium to dark terra cotta colored egg.

    These are the eggs I put in the incubator today. The eggs are actually a little darker than they appear in the photo.



    I will be glad to answer additional questions.
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