8+ Barnyard mixed beauties!!!! ~AUCTION~THEY LAY BIG&BEAUTIFUL EGGS!~

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    This is an Auction Formatted Listing - Please do not PM to bid! - Place your bid in a reply.
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    Shipping will be via Priority at a cost of $15.00
    Auction ends at 7:00 pm Eastern time on 4/6/12
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    This auction is for 8+ mixed breed eggs from my free range flock(where I keep my pets and egg layers). We are NPIP tested and Avian Influenza free.This is your chance to get a beautiful variety of chicks that will lay big and beautiful eggs!You never know what the chick that could hatch out will look like! My fertility rate has been 100% with these eggs.I have two of these eggs in the incubator and they are both developing. I have hatched plenty of these eggs before and I have never had a infertile egg. Also, I have hatched eggs from my pullets and all of them were fertile and hatched. Even though they are pullet eggs they are still pretty large. I'm offering these eggs because I am getting a lot of eggs and my incubator is full.These eggs will be collected 2 days before shipping and will be shipped on Monday 4/9.When I collect eggs for shipping I keep them in a room temperature room and turn them three times everyday.These will be shipped in foam and double boxed. I will mark the eggs with the breed the hen is that laid it and what coop number that she is from.

    I have two coops of healthy free ranged egg layers. The breeds in each coop are listed below.
    Coop one
    Rooster: Wyandotte crossed with a giant cochin. Hes white and very large.
    Pullet: Wyandotte crossed with a giant cochin. I have one of her eggs in the incubator and its developing well, I also had one of her eggs hatch under a broody hen just recently. She lays big cream colored eggs.
    Hens:Three red sex-links that lay big brown eggs and one white leghorn that lays big white eggs.

    Coop two
    Rooster:Blue silkie
    Pullets:Three silver laced wyandottes(lay big cream colored eggs and three easter eggers(lay beautiful blue/greenish colored eggs.I have one of these eggs in the incubator and its developing well).
    Coop two's pullets could be crossed with coop one's rooster because when they're free ranging I have seen him mate with some of the easter eggers from coop two.

    If you'd rather have more eggs from coop one or if you'd rather have more eggs from coop two then just PM me if you win the auction and say that you would like eggs from coop one/coop two instead of eggs from coop two/coop one.If you don't say anything you will get a variety of coop one's eggs and coop two's eggs.

    Heres some pictures of my free range flock:

    I do not have the d'Uccle in this picture anymore. A picture of coop two at night. Left to right on the roost: Easter egger,wyandotte,easter egger,easter egger,and blue silkie roo.
    One of the easter eggers in coop one.
    The rooster in coop one. He has a absolutely beautiful crow!Red sex-link hens are in the background.
    The cochin hen in this picture is not in there anymore. Chickens from coop two.You will not get eggs from the d'Uccles.
    Almost all of the roosters in this picture I do not have anymore besides the blue silkie rooster in the front. He is the rooster in coop 2.

    I use two boxes when I pack my eggs. One box is filled with paper/bubble wrap and theres another smaller box inside, that box will hold the eggs safetly inside. The smaller box has the foam inside with the eggs in it. The boxes are then closed tightly and written fragile and handle with care all over the first box. If you win the auction PM me your phone number so the post office will call when the eggs get there.

    If you bid on these eggs you understand and are okay with the way I pack the eggs and you understand the risk of shipping eggs.I get 100% hatching rate here on the farm but I can not gurantee your hatch rate because of the risk of shipping eggs or your incubation methods.You are also agreeing that once these eggs leave my hands I have no control over them. I will give you the tracking number once I ship them out.
    Payment by paypal only.Whoever wins I will PM them my paypal email. Payment is due at the end of auction.
    If you have any questions at all feel free to PM me.
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