8 Black and Blue Copper Marans and 3 Olive Egger eggs

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    Jun 26, 2008
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    I already have 8 eggs from my Black Copper Blue Coppers Marans. I have 3 eggs from my Lavender Split Olive Egger hen.

    Hens in the pen: 2 Black Copper and one Blue Copper Marans ; I also have a lavender Split olive egger. She is from one of my lavender Ameraucana roosters and one of the Marans hen. I have a Black Copper Marans.
    I can ship these eggs as early as tomorrow.

    We have had good fertility here, but I can not guarantee your hatch rate due to shipping and/or incubation methods. I accept paypal

    Black Coppers Maranas rooster


    Marans hens

    Picture was taken earlier this year, but the pictures still look like this. The eggs are still the same color as these.

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