8+ Blue/Black Mottled Cochin Bantams Fertile Hatching Eggs NPIP

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  1. Bantam Blue/Black Mottled Cochin hatching eggs - from Top Bloodlines

    This auction is for 8+ fertile hatching eggs ,fertility is great ! We are getting 99% - 100% hatch rate.

    We breed & cull hard to try and meet the APA standard of perfection.

    All eggs are collected several times a day & you can be sure you will be receiving fresh eggs.

    Eggs are individually wrapped in paper towel then in bubble wrap and packed for their safety.

    We accept PayPal to [email protected] ,auction must be paid for within 24 hours of auction ending.

    We ship by Priority mail and only ship eggs on Monday - Wednesday.

    Eggs will ship out Wednesday 4/5

    We can not be held resposible after eggs leave our hands there are too many variables .

    We are NPIP Certified



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    Nice birds Fay , Really Beautiful [​IMG]
  3. Thank you ! [​IMG]

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