8+ Blue/Gold Partridge Brahma Hatching Eggs for the FIRST TIME (24 hour Auction)

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    This will be a crazy 24 hour auction and the FIRST time I have sold these eggs. I have been hatching for about a month now but wanted to make sure I had good fertility prior to listing. I have been setting everything that has been lay until today when I realized that I will be out of town when these eggs would hatch. Rather than wait 2 weeks until I can set again, I have decided to do a auctions for the eggs that I have. This may happen next week again, but will not likely happen for a long time after that as I am already building up quite a few pre orders for April.

    The beauty of these brahmas will stop you in your tracks as you will be able to see from the pictures.

    Just to make the time frame a bit easier, auction will end at 8:00 PM PACIFIC TIME, so 11 PM EASTERN time--those in the middle can do the math. :)

    The only way I know to make the auction fair is that at 8:00 and 59 seconds, I will refresh my computer screen. The highest bid at that point when I refresh will be the winner.

    STARTING bid is $50, please bid in increments of $5 by replying to this posting below.

    Shipping will be an additional $15.

    All eggs will be bubble wrapped and double boxed and will be sent USPS Priority Mail on Tuesday March 19th. I have never had a broken egg when shipping this way.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
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