8+ Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Hatching Eggs...100% Fertility....NPIP

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    May 23, 2008
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    We have been getting a few eggs through the winter and hatching them but the girls are now laying every day and well enough to fill some orders so here is our very first auction for our BWA. These birds come from a few different bloodlines. The eggs are a blue/gree depending on the light. For myself I have a hard time telling the two colors a part but as you can see in the photo's they are nice. The rooster is gorgeous. Everything about him is perfect and you can see his nice beard. We will ship atleast 6/7 eggs and hopefully a few more. Shipping is $12.50 and we will ship as soon as the eggs are collected. However please note I do have 1 order to collect before shipping this one. Also we are NPIP certified and our number is 52-230.





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